Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part I

I had a blister outbreak 2 weeks ago, and this morning my eyes feel goopey and wet. My sight seems dim and I feel frightened. I am going to the optometrist tomorrow to get drops for it and they should be able to see how it looks inside there.

My son is also going to the optometrist tomorrow to get his left eye checked by his surgeon. He was blinded in his left eye in an accident at school over a year ago, and has been recovering since. All this makes me realize how vulnerable our sight is – something I never really considered before. It turns out our seeing globes are cobbled from primitive parts. I am so thankful for modern medicine. In the old days we would have had no chance for recovery from this kind of affliction. But once my son is an adult he will be able to have his injured lens replaced. I remind him when he gets frustrated. Despite his troubles he will have options later.

That is something to be cheerful about. Another thing to be cheerful about is how incredibly well my son handles it. He got a compound bow last February (thanks Grandma for this awesome xmas gift) and learned to shoot arrows, and played in the AYSO California State Championships last April in Orange County. He did poorly in the latter (kudos to Coach Albert for playing everyone on the team in every game including Finals), but is stellar in the former. He began shooting with his right eye initially so never had to switch. I just read last week about the Olympic South Korean archer who is legally blind (blind in right eye) and holds world records.  I used to find it strange that my son is so enamored of arrows and knifes (he also learned to handle a filippine Balasong folding blad after his injury). But maybe it is not so strange after all.

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