Monday, September 3, 2012

Can the Varicella virus cause Vertigo?

Last night I dreamt the blisters had become big hanging protrusions of withered skin, with eruptions on top of existing patches, like lava slowly overtaking former flows. In my dream I touched a piled-up protrusion on my lower face, gingerly feeling the papery texture. It burned angrily after I touched it, like a cactus needle, in waves. I thought, “I’ll have to go back on the antivirals”. But in my dream I was somehow indifferent.

Tinnitus today in my right ear, resonating loudly like a tuning fork at a very high steady pitch. The hearing goes in and out, throwing off my balance again and again. A week ago while being treated with acupuncture my left ear was singing instead, the sound starting low and shifting ever higher until I could hear it no more. How strange. I imagined my left ear opening up and freeing as the frequency rose.

The rotational vertigo I had the last 6 years dissipated (that is it turned into dizziness) when I started Acyclovir anti-virals. I hope I can eventually look inside my inner ear and see whether the cysts in my outer ear are also plaguing my inner ear. Or perhaps there is some other obstruction interfering with my balance and hearing. I am hoping to look inside there and inside the brainstem as there have been a lot of migraine headaches and “body migraines” in my neck and shoulders. Walking on eggshells hoping the vertigo does not return.

The feeling of vertigo would not be alien to Mars dwellers due to the need to compensate for the lack of gravity on Mars. I imagine a giant flywheel at work, powering the systems needed for life on mars, with its inner sanctum employed for its positive effect on the human skeleton...

We’ve been going to the field archery range early mornings since camp ended. Today we left very early. It was cold when I got up. I walked with the dog through the Canyon while my son shot repeatedly at an Ace of Hearts affixed to a target board. I love standing among the singing arrows, anticipating their whoooosh and the sudden “THWAT!” when they hit the board. I feel as if time has stopped, as if I am walking through a Margaret Honda sculpture, slowly, carefully.

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  1. I had a biopsy done in May 2014 on one of the blisters; result was folliculitis. Blood markers have not indicated infection. In other words, There does NOT seem to be viral activity. Likely this benign skin condition is just one of a myriad of autoimmune syndromes.