Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catherine Zeta-Jones goes to work

It is difficult to make choices re: health care needs. Is it more important to continue buying anti-virals, or to get help with rapid cycling? The neurologist already fell out this week as the doctor’s fee and refill medication are out of budget. Hopefully it will be possible to qualify for healthcare eventually, though genetic conditions make it difficult to qualify.

Had a frightening episode on the bus today, after the bus driver attempted to drive past me, to avoid picking me up with my service dog. I got into an altercation with her. It was out of control. I was beside myself. Considering going to the ER to get temporary relief if it stays bad.

My mom reminded me that Catherine Zeta-Jones goes to work, and she's Bipolar. She’s even in a play now. Every night. All week. Imagine. I remind her that Catherine Zeta-Jones has health insurance, and takes a year off whenever she feels like it. At least that’s how I imagine it. I imagine the doctor comes running whenever she calls – even in the middle of the night. Her husband no doubt pours him a drink before he leaves. They acknowledge their mutual indebtedness. Call anytime, really. I doubt Catherine Zeta-Jones carries the suicide hotline number around on her keychain.

My poor mom wanted to know how much to see the new doctor? But it is not just about the growing cadre of doctors needed. It is about ongoing habilitation expenses every day for the rest of this life. It seems impossible to justify these growing expenses.

Once upon a time people died before 40, and most of them never knew they carried these peculiar genes, because they died before these afflictions escalate. We last way too long these days.

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