Monday, December 16, 2013


It is hard for people to understand the intermittent nature of neurologic and autoimmune disease. With dysautonomics problems with motor coordination, balance, speech, cognition, or breathing are sporadic. This pattern is confusing to people. Generally inconsistency and instability are met with suspicion or fear. But in fact we all function intermittently. Each day is broken into a cycle of activity followed by, and perhaps interspersed by, rest and recovery. While in repose, our brain is renewed, flushed with fluid. Memories are sorted and arranged. Damaged muscle cells repair.

Maybe an easy way to think of dysautonomia is: A condition wherein one's normal cycle of activity and rest are radically shortened. A short burst of activity must be followed by rest.

Or maybe it is easier to think of a dysautonomic as a car with a gas tank the size of a thimble. You can eventually make it to where you are going, but there are logistics to solve along the way. Often. Unexpectedly. Intermittently.

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