Friday, April 18, 2014

Long QT Syndrome

Had to call 911 for second night in a row on Thursday after becoming distressed again with the same symptoms. This time they were able to locate the problem: prolongued QT phase on ECG (Why did they not do ECG on first night? Male nurse seemed very uncomfortable setting up ECG.) Prolongued physical exertion triggers symptoms, as does electrolyte depletion from diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea/lack of appetite. I became woozy both nights and felt as if I would black out. I was intermittently confused and felt outside myself. Sharp headache and upper body ache occurred at same time. Legs and arms numb; dragging both feet. I seemed to be going downhill fast. Blood sugar and vitals normal en route to hospital.

Long QT syndrome is usually caused by a congenital heart defect. There are too few (or inefficient) ion chambers in the LQTS heart. Some pharmaceuticals can also cause it. The physician told me it was important to get another EKG in 2 or 3 days, to take potassium, and get thyroid checked. He gave me a referral to the clinic near the hospital. I can't get there on my own as I am no longer able to travel, and I don't know if my Medi-CAL card is working.

Long QT syndrome would explain the type of symptoms I had after exertion and stress events the last two days, as well as life long irregularities such as inability to sustain exercise over long periods, cognitive difficulty, behavioral problems, skeletal irregularities, immune deficiency, chest pain with headaches and vomiting, as well as seizure-type responses (visual auras, spastic peeing and voiding, tremors). IN the ER I lost consciousness several times, completely lost track of time, and at one point was laughing and giggling for reasons I do not comprehend. My limbs were spastic and jerking upward at one point. At one point I told my son that my dying body was being tapped by a parallel multiverse for its fading but powerful energy. Go figure.

There is a high rate of sudden cardiac arrest associated with Long QT, as it leads to Ventricular Fibrillation if left unchecked. *Why did they release me from the Hospital without stabilising me? I went home with this dangerous arrhythmia intact. Implanted devices are normally used to correct this problem.

Today I am planning on laying down. My poor heart. Even standing to load the dishwasher made me sick and confused this morning; I had to quit. Thank goodness it's Good Friday, and my baby, who went with me to the ER last night, doesn't have to go to school. Poor little man.

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