Sunday, April 27, 2014

Probes from a parallel Universe

While in the ER I became delusional. I felt so heavy, so tired, after struggling. And instantly, as soon as I drifted off to sleep, tiny pulses tapped me and zapped through me, testing me – I was sure of it.. They came up from the bottom of the hospital bed. These signals knew how to move. The entered me through the sores on my back, which were prickling and zapping like they do. Only this time the electricity conducted by the sores and nerves became a portal for lightning fast nano-probes from the multiverse.

In my minds eye, through which I believed I observed these proceedings, the sores on my lower back burst into tiny wire-like transits to accept these probes. I could feel the electric stabbing and burning that gears up whenever I'm symptomatic. Only this time my heart's helter-skelter signals found an interested party. They entered almost instantly, right when they sensed an opportunity. The pulses are square and can travel through parts of our body easily as if we were no more than a continual part of the bigger universe. But other parts of us slow them down. They travel in parallel pathways, in one dimension only for efficiency. Each one keeps information of the path they took and the depth they achieved. This information can be reassembled later in another location.

These tiny pulses sensed my waning energy. I had succumbed to whatever fate awaited me in that shitty plastic vinyl and fluorescent room because I was all out of options. I was spent and at the mercy of whatever or whomever happened to be there. All this occurred in an instant – the instant when I allowed my brain to succumb to sleep. I reeled myself back in and woke up. And I realized: we don't have to go and find manifestations of the multiverse. It already knows exactly where we are and what we are. But it doesn't give a fuck about the who part.

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