Thursday, April 17, 2014

Something just doesn't feel right today

Symptoms continued to get worse today: numb legs, dragging feet, aching eyeballs, clammy sweating, ache in neck, headache, dizziness, confusion, nausea, arms numb, arms falling asleep spontaneously, anxiety while laying down (normally anxiety only presents standing from adrenaline/low blood pressure). Finally went to ER around 8 pm as I had the feeling that something was not right.

CAT scan was negative, vitals all good.

In the ER tonight overhead discussion from neighboring unit: "How did you plan to pay for this tonight?" and "Did you already apply for your Medi-CAL?"Seemed to be the topic of conversation all around. Lots of confused people. One guy was diabetic. Another guy got injured. The one next to me got some kind of jab and screamed. In my case they seemed quite annoyed that I was there with needs they could not meet (MRI, blood work, spinal tap), until they understood what I have been going through trying to get the proper tests done. My Medi-CAL insurance # did not allow them to bill for services tonight, so these visits are being designated as "self-pay", and the retroactive Medi-CAL will need to cover it, as coverage was supposed to start Jan 1. My Medi-CAL insurance has been processed, approved and authorized, but not switched on – despite the fact that the Status Department shows my insurance as currently active.

When the physician checked me out of the ER he was more sympathetic. He told me to just keep doing what I am doing to get the help I need. Namely, "Wait." I was given directions for follow-up tests, but can't schedule follow-up until my insurance number is activated. He said I could come back to the same ER if I needed help. I thought that was nice of him to say.

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