Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Autoimmune Flare up

On Friday I returned to ER for third time in a week. Third bad episode in 3 weeks: slurred slow speech, extreme dizziness, tingling/numbness on right side of head, confusion, chills, sweating, pressure in left ear, bradytachy and rapid changes in body temperature. Unable to walk for about 5 days beyond a few yards. Could not balance even with two feet on the ground. Limbs are weak. Difficulty lifting limbs. I crashed into the counter and fell on my front when they insisted they wanted to see me walk in the ER. They had me do this twice. The first time the resident managed to catch me from the side by grabbing my right arm. Veering to left.

They were not happy to see me back in the ER but were good enough to do head CATscan w/o contrast to rule out strokes. Scan report states: "dural calcification . . . or . . . atherosclerotic plaque in left cavernous carotid artery". I don't know what significance this has. Nurse suggested that I was having a flare-up of my autoimmune disorder. Instructions: bed rest. They sent me home with a cane as I could not balance myself.

Partial return of function Monday/Tuesday. Relying on cane and curb-to-curb transport to get around.

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