Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Inflammation, fever syndrome, wandering ghosts

On Wednesday mid-morning back to ER via ambulance due to: dizziness, chills, sweating, inflammation/redness allover skin, mental confusion., chest pressure/pain, laboured breathing, shortness of breath, nausea, neck pain, eye pain/wateriness, pressure in eyes, photophobia, and delayed capillary refill in fingers. My temperature and vitals were good and no infection was indicated thank god. They treated me for orthostatic intolerance with 2 huge bags of fluid before releasing me. They said they would run a blood panel but I guess they decided to leave bloodwork until my Rheumatologist visit, which is 2 or 3 months away. On way home: shakey, dizzy, nauseated, uncontrolled movements, stomach cramps, and extreme weakness. It felt as if feather could knock me over; I was weaving side to side and had to brace myself to stand still. Squinting from eye pain though it was cloudy. Two heroin addicts stared at me pointedly at the busstop; they seemed to think I was one of them. Have lost about 15 pounds in the last 3 months.

I got off my anti-inflammatory over a week ago so that the doctors can examine me “as is” (without any medication whatsoever). So I have been running very hot. Feeling of heat spikes inside my head and allover body. Chills, shivering, profuse sweating, and blister outbreak on bottom. The larger blisters bleed inside the skin and look like bruises once they recede, leaving hard layer of deposit. For two weeks we've had pacific storms, wind, chill, and rain ongoing. I have been symptomatic the entire time. Hoping to get relief when dry weather returns.

I am not the only one whose medical condition is exacerbated by the cold and damp. Many homeless crowded the ER today. Several “wanderers”, including a schizophrenic woman who repeatedly wandered into the room I shared today with a cardio patient. Pale with died-black long long hair, she entered our room mumbling incomprehensibly, drank out of my roommate's cup of water, and removed her flip flops. She then “hid” her flipflops in the trashcan inside our room, then walked back out. She came into the room 2 more times to stand before the sink. She was discharged as far as I know without treatment; she appeared back in the ER just 30” later, at which point she was escorted out into the lobby.

There were repeated calls for another gentleman to stay on his gurney and stop wandering the hall, as well as admonitions to patients to stop rifling through trashcans in the hallway. Crazy. I have the distinct impression, given the high percentage of homeless individuals present in the ER every time I've gone in, that it would be cheaper to provide a small efficiency apartment for each of these people than to care for serious medical conditions while they're sleeping in the cold and damp. I can't imagine there could be any improvement regardless of the medical care they are receiving, given the mental and physical stress they are under.

While in ER they asked if I had a primary care physician to coordinate my care. I explained I had to fire my GP due to incompetence and inappropriate behavior, and that I was the only one coordinating my care. My GP never asked for my medical records, although I brought them with me the first 4 visits, and never showed interest in diagnosing my condition. He did, however, prescribe me Fludrocortisone, which, given my history of hypokalemia and Long QT, could kill me. I need to get this removed from my records and ask them to please please stop prescribing medication to a patient with an undiagnosed condition. It is dangerous and irresponsible.

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  1. Response to ER visit 12/17
    After fluids I haven't felt thirsty at all for days. Prior to administration of fluids: dry and ravenously thirsty as if I were dessicating from the inside out. Voiding large amounts of clear fluid immediately after drinking. It just won't stay put. GP prescribed fludrocortisone but arrhythmias are frequent now and it's not safe. Vasoconstrictors also dangerous due to arrhythmias and migraines. I am annoyed that I can't get fluids administered in doctor's office. A monkey could it. As long as he washed his hands first.