Thursday, December 25, 2014

Head pressure? and arrhythmias

Feeling of increased cranial pressure and arrhythmias late in day for two days now lasting several hours at a stretch. Sensation of rapid changes in pressure with change of position. Increased discomfort with prone position. Fluctuating Vision abnormalities, stiffness/pain in neck/upper body, fatigue, confusion, balance difficulty, "whooshing" sound in ears

Tomorrow at GP will skip the Opthomology referral, and focus on Rheumatology and possibly Neurology. Would have liked CATscan WITh contrast and MRI of head in ER (instead of CAT w/o contrast). Also need MRI of ears. Counsellor suggested getting entire genome sequenced, due to similarity between some of my syndromes and those of parents/parents siblings. I will need a powerful ally, no doubt, to procure whole genome sequencing. And an even bigger ally to make sense of it.

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