Friday, December 12, 2014

Protein deposits? Head banging.

Are these blisters and skin aberrations Amyloid deposits? Could CAPS (Cryopyrin associated periodic syndrome) or Muckle-Wells syndrome be causing the entire systemic condition (orthostatic intolerance, arrhythmias, peripheral neuropathy, paresthesia, movement disorder, abdominal pain, inflammation, muscle pain, “shock” sensations in muscles and brain, vertigo, hearing difficulty)? I have appointment with the dermatologist to ask them to please biopsy these skin erruptions.

Several red welts appeared spontaneously as I watched in the last 2 weeks. Limbs ached and burned sharply before these welts appeared. Since 2 weeks ago, my skin appears swollen and covered with a network of large red “lace” allover my thighs, arms, and abdomen. Itching, burning, sharp pricking sensations. Such welts have appeared in the past on my abdomen and lower back. These are vertical welts that appear spontaneously under the skin, with no surface abrasion whatsoever. They usually measure about an inch in length. Shins are covered with pattern: pupae, large light brown “stains”, and white dots and lines are etched allover the surface of my skin on lower legs.

We've had two big storms come in in the last two weeks, and the cold damp weather always triggers skin outbreaks, abdominal swelling and pain, diarrhea, headaches, neckaches (cervical). Additionally my arrhythmia has been kicking in at the same time as these attacks are initiated. One day before the last storm broke I was unable to sit up at all, due to the distress triggered in my chest, which presented with paresthesia and spastic movements. I was turning around on the ground, trying to sit up but slumping over each time instead. Short of breath, difficulty speaking, pressure in chest. These cardiovascular events have been lasting about 40” each time they have occurred in the last 4 months (with minor symptoms continual or recurring). Repeated sharp pains in right inner ear on the same afternoon sustained over hours (waned over 3 days).

The shock sensations inside my head and body were so bad yesterday during an attack that I started crying from the pain and distress. Spastic movement sensations were emanating from my abdomen out to periphery. I have the urge to bang my head against the wall repeatedly whenever these “brain shocks” occur. I fantasize about the instant relief that would surely be delivered if I could just give it a good sharp blow. It is an aggravating sensation. I want to dash it out.

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