Saturday, December 13, 2014


Floaters suddenly in my field of vision yesterday while getting up from prone position. A “shower” or mild downfall of floaters: tiny dots and long stringy ones. Have not have floaters for over 10 years. Also, since 2 weeks ago intermittent issues: “shutter” effect on outside of right eye (as if black paper keeps creeping into the edge of field of vision).; occluded vision in right eye (fuzzy, dim); intensified feeling of pressure behind eyes; sharp pricking burning sensations (lesions?) in both eyes; and tiny bright white sparks when looking to the side(noticeable in the dark). Likely the burning sensations are caused by the same thing that is causing burning and itching above both eyes, on neck, allover arms and legs, and on back and abdomen. My symptoms are worsening rapidly in the last weeks, particularly with cold/damp weather. Onset of eye problems simultaneous with severe episode (Long QT, paresthesia, spastic movements, chest pain, short of breath)

I called my son's optometrist when the floaters appeared to ask advice. I was told it must be looked at quickly. I have to go to ER to make sure there is no separation of the retina, which must be repaired right away to prevent blindness.

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