Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vision problems

Went to ER Tuesday morning to have my eyes looked at due to: dimness, blurriness, shutter effect on right side, increasing eye pressure, increasing photophobia, and burning prickling sensations in eyes. ER physician said the front of eyes look fine as far as he could see with the tools he had, and no retinal separation is indicated, but I need to go to an Opthamalogist for a proper exam. He gave me a referral to see both an Opthamalogist as well as a Rheumatologist for my autoimmune syndrome. I need to take his printed referral to the “ER Referral Specialist” at my general doctors' office on the 26th, so that the insurance company can process this request. Each specialist request takes about 2 or 3 months before the actual visit. Each referral had to be corrected for mistakes before it was usable. I may try to see the “ER Referral Specialist” on a walk-in basis this week, but I will need to lay down on the waiting room floor as I'm not able to sit up for very long at all by the time I finally get there. I have the distinct impression that my health insurance policy was designed for someone much healthier than I am. I am hoping to stay out of the ER until I can get to the right doctor for the proper tests.

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